Brainard Rivet Company knows rivets, having manufactured over eight hundred and fifty-four million pounds of cold-headed fasteners. Our mission: Total Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement.

Located in Girard, Ohio, Brainard Rivet Company is an employee-owned subsidiary of Fastener Industries, specializing in personalized customer service and on-time delivery. Manufacturing small and large rivets, knurled product, grooved and clevis pins, our focus is print specific solid fasteners in steel and non-ferrous material: .090 through .625 diameter, in various lengths up to 5.00 inches. Brainard also produces Hex Weld nuts.

Brainard Rivet Company was founded in 1916 to manufacture fasteners for the hoops on wooden kegs. 100 years later, remaining true to their roots, Brainard continues to supply various rivets to the Wine & Barrel Industries. With the industrial expansion in the early-to-mid Twentieth Century, our product line diversified into the Tractors /Farm Machinery market and the manufacture of Railroad Cars. Brainard later began supplying rivets for the frames of Automobile/Truck due to the introduction of automated riveting technology. The Furniture Industry was next to adapt, as well as the Recreational Vehicles and General Metal Working Industries. Large diameter drilled products led to supplying the Pole Line Hardware Industry. With the advent of the “one-stop shopping” in the 1990’s, various Distributers began to rely upon Brainard for special one-of-a-kind fasteners to fill their diverse requirements.

Brainard utilizes Single and Double-Blow Headers, along with progressive machines up to Five-Dies-Five-Blows. Cold headed manufacturing offers quicker set-up and order turnaround; less scrap with longer tool life. Wire drawers located at each heading station greatly reduce raw material requirements. Most tooling required for manufacturing is crafted on-site. Additional in-house processes are: drilling, grooving, shaving, threading and knurling. Various in-house heat-treat options are also available. When required, parts are cleaned with organic material in non-polluting units. All of which leads to lower costs and faster lead-times.

Quality is built into every process. Backed by ISO certification, dimensional or process checks are performed at each operation. State-of-the-art simulation software engineering enhances tooling life and efficiency. Large or small, customer orders are given individualized attention during our daily production briefing. New developments are also reviewed by the management team. Total Customer Satisfaction, Quality and On-Time Delivery remain the hallmark of Brainard Rivet Company.