Brainard Rivet Facility

Brainard Rivet Company’s 65,000 square foot plant is located on 11 acres in the City of Girard, Ohio. Our facility has single-blow and progressive machines up to 5-dies/5-blows; including double-blow and 2Die/3Blow cold headers. Brainard also has high-speed cross-drillers, shavers for special points and grooves and thread rollers for knurling and grooving. Three annealing and stress relieving furnaces and a cleaning department (non polluting Sweco units) allows Brainard the capability to perform in-house finishing.

Over 95% of the tooling used in the cold heading process is manufactured and heat treated in-house, greatly reducing lead time. Impax units at every header, which immediately stops the heading of a defective part, combined with a preventative maintenance program and an aggressive rebuilding program insures uninterrupted processing of orders and defect free parts.

Since numerous sizes, types and grades of fasteners are manufactured, the employee/owners use wire drawers at each header to reduce the need for special diameters of wire.

Brainard Rivet Company utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Advanced computerization programming is used throughout the operation (including CAD and Statistical Process Control). Engineering utilizes simulation software to enhance tooling life and run-time efficiency for each part.

All operations from the incoming inspection of raw material through each individual-manufacturing operation is carefully monitored for quality and culminates with the audit of finished product prior to shipment.

Since 1916, we have manufactured over 854,000,000 lbs. of cold headed fasteners to the Agriculture, Distributor, Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Railroad, Transportation (Auto/Truck) and General Metalworking Markets throughout the world.