Special Rivets

Precision Cold-Formed Parts

Custom Rivets and Special Fasteners

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Brainard Rivet technology is our proven ability to help you solve problems in design and manufacturing. We do this through the creation of cost-cutting, one-of-a-kind fasteners and special parts.

Various types of cold-formed custom parts can have:

  • a straight tenon
  • a semi-tubular tenon
  • a shoulder to use as a pivot
  • grooved or knurled shanks to facilitate use as an insert in a molding or casting, such as a hinge pin
  • ornamental heads for cosmetic hardware
  • special heads such as balls, cams or hexagonal configurations to perform other functions besides that of fastening.

Mass-production of precision fasteners and special parts can provide you with significant savings in custom-made fasteners, compared to screw machined, cast or forged parts and welded assemblies.